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Nutrition activities in Ministry of Health Malaysia began in the ’50s where it was integrated into the service of Maternal and Child Health Care. In 1974, the post of Food Nutrition Science Officer (PZM) was first established under the Unit Maternal and Child headquarters level, Ministry of Health. Starting in 1977, the post of Food Nutrition Science Officer (PZM) grew and established even at State Level. With a background degree in Nutrition, Food Nutrition Science (PZM) profession becomes the key driver to nutritional programs in Malaysia.

The Nutrition Branch was established in 1995 under the Family Health Development Division. The branch then, has three units:

– Nutrition Planning and Development Unit
– Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit
– Nutrition Promotion Unit

The Nutrition Branch has been upgraded to the Nutrition Division from October 16, 2009, led by the Director of the Division. The establishment of this division is to improve the quality and availability of nutritional services to all segments of society.

Along with the development of nutritional services and establishment of Nutrition Division, two branches were formed which is the Policy and Nutrition Standard Branch and Nutrition Operations Branch. The Policy and Nutrition Standard Branch consists of NPANM Unit, Professional Development Unit and Standard and Quality Unit. Nutrition Operations Branch also comprises of Nutrition Promotion Unit, Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit and Nutrition Monitor Unit.

In 2011, the name of Food Nutrition Science Officer post was changed to Nutrition Science Officer in line with current nutritional services.


  • Plan, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate nutrition programs in four aspects, namely, planning, monitoring, promoting and rehabilitating nutrition.
  • Development, advocacy and implementation of the National Nutrition Policy.
  • Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the National Plan of Action for Nutrition in Malaysia (NPANM).
  • Provides comprehensive nutritional services to individuals, families and society to encourage healthy nutritional practices.