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Promotion of breastfeeding is an important aspect in the context of nutrition of infants and children as well as in maternal and child health services in this country since the 1970s. Multi-pronged strategy has been used in promoting breastfeeding since the 1970s. This includes education through the mass media, Lactation Management Training(18 or 20 hours), Breastfeeding Counselling Course for health professionals (40 hours), preparation of the school curriculum (Physical Education and Health) for primary and secondary school children, monitoring Code of Ethics for the Marketing of Infant Foods and Related Products, the implementation of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and Baby Friendly Clinics as well as the establishment of breastfeeding support groups. Malaysian Breastfeeding Policy states that all mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their children with breast milk from birth until six months old continuing until two years of age. Complementary foods should be given from 6 months old. As an effort to ensure that every new born baby be given mother’s milk only from birth until six months of age, the percentage of Exclusive Breastfeeding of infants who are six months of age will be continuously monitored at health clinics that provide maternal and child health services throughout the country.


Exclusive Breastfeeding ensures that: –

  • Infants are fed only breast milk either from the mother or mother's milk, including extracted breast milk.
  • Babies are not given other food or drink except Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS), vitamins, minerals and medication in the form of drops or syrup


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