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Nutrition Supervision Programme was started in the 1980s where a National Nutrition Supervision System has been developed at that time. Severe malnutrition problems among children below six years old have been identified through this system. In 1989, the Rehabilitation Programme for Malnourished Children has been established as a strategy to overcome the problem.

In 2006, the e-reporting of HMIS Report System has been developed as a strategy to increase the effectiveness of data collection at nutritional level in collaboration with Health Informatics Centre.
Nutritional supervision of children under five years old is one of the activities carried out under Nutrition Supervision Programme through the National Nutrition Supervision System. The system uses weight-for-age indicator as a yardstick to measure the nutritional status of children under five years old present at health clinics. The National Centre for Health Statistics (NCHS) is the adopted reference which is the standard reference for comparison at international level.

In 2006, use of Standard Growth of Children Under Five Years established by World Health Organization (WHO) has been agreed upon to replace the NCHS reference for assessing the growth of children. Use of WHO Growth Standards, 2006 has been integrated into Infants’ and Children’s Health Record Book (0-6 years).

In 2007, the WHO Growth Reference 2007 used for assessing the growth of children aged 5 to 19 years has been agreed upon to replace CDC Reference, 2000. This is to ensure continuity of supervision of children from birth to 5 years old until they reach adulthood. The WHO Reference, 2007 has been integrated in the Student Health Record Book issued by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia in 2009.


Provides an effective and robust nutrition supervision system in monitoring the population’s nutritional status so as to help develop and re-evaluate the national nutrition policy as well as to plan and evaluate nutrition programmes.


Check the quality of nutrition returns received from the Health Informatics Centre (HIC), the State Health Department and Industry, namely:

Nutrition Returns monitored through Nutrition Supervision System under the Health Management Information System (HMIS E- Reporting):

  • Nutritional Status of Children Below Five Years of age.
  • Achievement of Rehabilitation Programme for Malnourished Children.
  • Distribution of Full Cream Milk Powder

Returns related to nutrition in Family Health Development Division monitored under the Health Management Information System:

  • Nutritional Status of Students
  • Nutritional Status of Adolescents
  • Hemoglobin levels among antenatal mothers who attended health clinics at 36th week of pregnancy

Nutrition Returns not monitored by the Health Management Information System:

  • Breastfeeding practices for 4 months’ old babies
  • Breastfeeding practices for 6 months’ old babies
  • Introduction of Supplemental Food Practices for Infants aged 8 to <10 months old.
  • A number of sodium-reduced food products.

Analysis of nutrition returns and preparation of analysis output.

  • Guidelines for the Use of Health Record Book for Infants and Children (0-6 years), Clinical Savings Card and WHO Growth


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