Nutrition Guidelines Technical Working Group (KKT)

  1. Review and update the existing Malaysian Diet Guide and Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI) from time to time.
  2. Prepare a new Malaysian Diet Guide according to selected age groups and specific groups.
  3. Discuss technical issues related to nutrition guidelines and provide appropriate recommendations.

Nutrition Research Technical Working Group

Terms of Reference

  1. Identify research priorities related to nutrition issues conducted at the national level.
  2. Evaluate and recommend nutrition-related research projects to be carried out at the national level.
  3. Responsible for obtaining technical reports on the results of certified research projects.
  4. Create a database of research groups in the field of nutrition.
  5. Document all research, research results or reports related to nutrition in the country.

Nutrition Training Technical Working Group
Terms of Reference

  1. Identify nutrition training needs based on the National Nutrition Action Plan of Malaysia 2016-2025 for relevant agencies. Form and identify nutrition training modules from time to time.
  2. Coordinating the filling of nutrition-related modules.
  3. Monitoring of training / training modules related to nutrition components formed / conducted by ministries and external agencies.

Nutrition Promotion Technical Working Group
Terms of Reference

  1. Strengthen the nutrition promotion activities outlined under the Malaysian National Nutrition Action Plan.
  2. Establish and strengthen smart partnerships in various sectors (agencies / industries, NGOs, Professional Bodies and stakeholders).
  3. Provide technical input on national nutrition promotion activities that will be implemented by various sectors and stakeholders.
  4. To be a platform for discussion, sharing and dissemination of information on nutrition promotion activities.
  5. Identify various appropriate methods for the delivery of nutritional information according to the target group.
  6. Monitor the implementation of the achievement of nutrition promotion activities at the national level implemented by various sectors and stakeholders

Nutrition Policy Technical Working Group
Terms of Reference

  • Review and review national policies to be in line with the development of policies and nutrition issues at the national, regional and / or global levels.
  • Review global and regional policies involving national nutritional interests and ensure they are in line with national stances and policies.
  • Provide proposals / inputs in the preparation / formulation / review of nutrition-related policies involving inter and intra-agency cooperation.
  • Monitor the status of nutrition-related proposals / inputs that have been submitted in the review / preparation / formulation of relevant ministries or agencies.