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Supermarkets are the public’s focal place to obtain food supplies for the whole family. Therefore, selection of groceries at the supermarket can determine the type of food to be consumed at home whereby affecting the health of the family. The Healthy Nutrition at Supermarkets’ promotional activity is a healthy nutritional, educational activity with an innovative and interesting approach. These activities are designed to meet the needs of the public get accurate nutrition information when making food choices at the supermarkets. The program was officiated by The Honorary Dato’ Seri Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Health on 8 October 2011 at the Giant hypermarket in Shah Alam.


General objective:

  • To improve the knowledge and skills of consumers on healthy eating.

Special Objectives:

  • To apply practically complete nutrition and healthy eating habits into daily lives.
  • To spread the messages of healthy eating to the visitors of supermarkets.
  • To provide nutrition information at food selections’ locations.
  • To educate consumers on making smarter food choices.
  • To raise individual and public’s awareness of the importance, benefits and opportunities to practise healthy eating.
  • To increase the number of people who practice healthy eating.

Healthy Nutrition at Supermarkets’ Adventure is the main activity in promoting Healthy Nutrition at supermarkets. In this activity, participants will travel to food sections in accordance to food group. This activity is handled by two Adventure guides consisting of Nutrition Science Officer (PSP) and Food Technology Officer or Assistant Environmental Health Officer. The recommended number of participants is 10 to 20 participants.

In this activity, participants are required to fill out a pre-Adventure Healthy Nutrition at Supermarkets’ form before the adventure starts. Next, the participants will travel to five main sections while being briefed by the Nutrition Science Officer (PSP). These five sections are as follows:

Section 1: Rice Section

This section represents food on the first level of the Malaysian Food Pyramid group of rice, noodles, bread, cereals, cereal products and tubers.

Section 2: Vegetables and Fruits Section This section represents food on the second level of the Malaysian Food Pyramid group of vegetables and fruits.

Section 3: Fish Section

This section represents food on the third level of the Malaysian Food Pyramid group of fish, chicken, meat, eggs, nuts, milk and dairy products.

Section 4: Oil Section

This section represents food on the fourth level of the Malaysian Food Pyramid group of fats, oil, sugar and salt.

Section 5:  Reading the Label  Section

This section can be done in the refrigerator where milk and dairy products are kept. This section provides education to the participants on how to label as well as read labels.

Upon completion of exploring the five sections, participants are asked to fill out a form for post evaluation to assess their knowledge.

  • Handbook for Healthy Food Shopping
  • Travel brochures on Healthy Nutrition at Supermarkets
  • Papaya Brochure
  • Mustard Leaf (Sawi) Brochure

Mrs. Surainee Wahab


Mrs. Norfahimah Mohd Norddin