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Ministry of Health in collaboration with the National Service Training Department has issued guidelines on Nutrition and Food Safety for the National Service Training Camp as a reference responsible for the preparation of meals for the NSTP trainees. National Service Training Program (NSTP) as a reference those responsible in providing meals to trainees. One monitoring form has also been designed to assist Science Officers (Nutrition) monitor level of healthy preparation and serving is as stipulated in the guidelines mentioned.

  • Ensure optimal level of health of National Service trainees through healthy, safe and high quality food preparation
  • Improve the nutritional status of NSTP trainees through the consumption of nutritious and balanced food.
  • Improve the level of understanding and skills of food handlers in healthy food preparation.
  • Provide a supportive environment for healthy food practices among trainers, food handlers and camp officials.
  • Monitoring the provision of healthy meals is to assess the level of preparation and serving healthy food in camps (NSTP) throughout the country
  • Dietary Guidelines and Food Safety at National Service Training Program (NSTP) camps.
  • Form for monitoring healthy food at National Service Training Programme (NSTP) camps.

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Monitoring the provision of healthy food at NSTP Camps .Monitoring and evaluation is made based on the following criteria:

  • The level of freshness and quality of raw materials. Assessment is based on the freshness and quality of raw material (wet or dry) being used.
  • Compliance menu. Compliance menu includes serving portion size that follows the menu, sugar served separately from drinks and complete meal prepared in accordance to the menu.
  • Healthy preparation and healthy dishes. Example of healthy dishes is that vegetables are not overcooked, fried chicken is not over fried/burnt and the sauce/soya sauce are not made available
  • Modifications of healthy recipes. Use dilute coconut milk or low fat milk instead of thick coconut milk and do not use commercial seasoning/Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).