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Community Feeding programme is identified under the Government Transformation Programme, GTP 2.0, Low Income Household (Orang Asli) for implementation from 2013-2015 coordinated by PEMANDU. It is a strategy to improve the nutritional status of aboriginal (Orang Asli) children aged 6 months to below 6 years old in rural Perak, Pahang, Kelantan and the Penan Community in Sarawak. This program has become one of the Ministerial Key Performance Indicators (MKPI) for Ministry of Health in 2013.

Prior to full implementation in 2013, a Pilot Project for Community Feeding programme was carried out in 2012. This pilot project involves two selected districts of Hulu Perak District, Perak and Jerantut District, Pahang. Selection of areas/villages for Community Feeding programme is based on the highest number of malnourished cases of aboriginal (Orang Asli) children (KZM).

Community Feeding programme is recommended to be expanded in other inland districts/states in Malaysia especially among the aborigines (Orang Asli) based on the earlier and successful implementation of Community Feeding at Pos Kemar Orang Asli, Hulu Perak.

Community Feeding programme is run by volunteers from the local Aboriginal community who have been trained by Ministry of Health. The activities carried out are as follows:

  • Provision of Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) - RUTF is a paste containing energy-densed, enriched micronutrients used in therapeutic nutrition, made of peanuts, oil, sugar and powdered milk. RUTF is given by trained village health volunteers to malnourished (KZM) children twice a week for 3 months at Community Feeding Centres.
  • Provision of Complementary Food – Complementary food will be provided to all children aged 6 months to 6 years old. (Children with normal weight and malnourished children (KZM)). This complementary food includes a glass of milk, biscuits/cereals, multivitamins with iron and fish oil. Complementary food is given by trained village health volunteers in Community Feeding Centres every day except weekends. (5 times a week).
  • Community Health Programme - Community Health Programme aims to empower aboriginal health volunteers in carrying out health activities in the community. In addition, it creates awareness, increases knowledge and health practices such as personal hygiene and nutrition among aboriginal people (Orang Asli) through health screening, cooking classes/ healthy food preparation as well as lectures and demonstration in personal hygiene (fleas, nails, feet, teeth and hands ). The programme is conducted every 3 months in collaboration with health personnel and aboriginal (Orang Asli) volunteers.


Puan Irma Hanim Abdullah
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Community Feeding programme is an effective method to solve moderate and serious malnutrition (KZM) problems in the aboriginal (Orang Asli) society. It is a step to try to rehabilitate these children in the community. In this program, aboriginal (Orang Asli) volunteers will feed the aboriginal (Orang Asli) children accompanied by their mothers or the children’s guardians.

Their mothers or the children’s guardians will be exposed to education related to nutrition, health, cleanliness and search of natural food resources.
In addition to providing food baskets, malnourished (KZM) children in the Community Feeding Programme will be given RUTF, complementary food and follows the Community Health Programme. While aboriginal (Orang Asli) children with normal body weight will be given additional food and follows the Community Health Programme.

Community Feeding Programme can indirectly help to reduce morbidity and mortality among aboriginal (Orang Asli) children under the age of 6 years.