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Nutrition is a key component in maintaining the health and needs to be started from infancy. Optimal feeding practices among infants and children is needed to help optimal physical, cognitive, language and socio-emotional growth and development

Infants and children sent to Children’s Nurseries (TASKA)/preschools spend most of their time here. Thus, nurseries/preschools provide a mental and physical environment for optimal encouragement to infants and children. In addition, healthy eating practices inculcated in nurseries/preschools since childhood can help children carry on such practices until adulthood. Thus, nurseries’ operators/preschools’ teachers play an important role in ensuring that children who are in nurseries/preschools acquire nutritious food that can satisfy their nutritional needs.

  • Provide healthy menu at nurseries/preschools
  • Spread nutritional knowledge in accordance to target groups such as children, parents, teachers and caregivers of nurseries
  • Increase healthy food preparation skills through training/ courses that are given to parents, teachers and caregivers of nurseries.

Puan Noor Faezah Abdul Jalil
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Menu Planning courses at Nurseries/ Preschools :

This course is specially for nurseries’ operators for the purpose of increasing knowledge and nutrition in the preparation of healthy food for children in nurseries/preschools. Duration of the Course is 4 days 3 nights held in collaboration with relevant agencies. During the course participants will be exposed to:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Code of Ethics for Marketing Baby Food and Related Products
  • Basic nutrition for infants and small children
  • Healthy menu planning
  • Providing healthy meals
  • Nutritional activities in the classes
  • Discussion group work
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Internships in Nurseries/Preschools

Special Projects: Healthy Nutritional promotion activity at PEMATA NURSERY (TASKA PEMATA), Ministry of Health.

The project aims to monitor the growth of infants and children in nurseries. In addition, interactive nutritional activities with the children are held once a month to encourage children to take vegetables and fruits. Measurement of height and weight for babies and children is carried out thrice a year. Parents will be notified of the achievement of nutritional activities and the nutritional status of their children at the end of the year