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Adequate nutrition is critical for the health and development of children. The period from birth until two years old is important as growth and physical development are taking place. Improper nutritional practices is a contributor to problems such as malnutrition or obesity. Therefore, the promotion of nutrition for infants and small children is important for attaining optimal feeding practices in infants and small children.

In order to achieve optimal growth and development of infants and small children, all mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their children with breast milk from birth until 6 months old, continuing until they have reached the age of two. Supplemental food should be given starting from 6 months old. Supplemental food is suitable as additional food to breast milk, infant formula or follow-up formula for infants from six months until 24 months old such as solid, semi-solid and soft food given to infants. These include starch, porridge, commercial cereals, biscuits, fruits and others.


  • To improve the knowledge and skills related to the nutrition of infants and small children
  • To provide technical guidance of nutrition for infant and small children to health professionals and all those involved with the care of infants and small children


Puan Rashadiba Ibrahim @ Rahman
03-8892 4453


  • Promotion of Nutrition of Infant and Small Children including Breastfeeding.
  • Monitor data of breastfeeding for infants aged 4 months and 6 months and supplementary food practices in health clinics.
  • Conduct Course in Breastfeeding Promotion and Support (20 hours).
  • Conduct Course in Breastfeeding Counselling (40 hours).
  • Conduct Course based on Guidelines in Feeding of Infant and Small Children.