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Buku National Plan of Action for Nutrition of Malaysia (2006-2015)


NATIONAL PLAN OF ACTION FOR NUTRITION IN MALAYSIA (2006-2015) is a 10-year plan for the period from 2006 to 2015. The objectives, strategies, activities and goals of NPANM (2006-2015) are prepared based on National Nutrition Policy that was approved by the Cabinet on December 17, 2003 , review NPANM I (1996-2000) and its implementation after 2000. The current nutritional issues and that will arise in the future are also taken into account in the preparation of NPANM (2006-2015).

A national workshop to prepare this action plan was held on 26 to 29 April 2004 with the participation of representatives from government agencies, academia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), professional bodies and the private sector. NPANM (2006-2015) was approved by the Cabinet on 20 April 2005.

After five years of implementation of this plan, there are many changes happening in terms of social eating patterns, growth of fast food industry and lifestyle changes that lead to an increase in chronic diseases related to nutrition. Accordingly, Nutrition Division, Ministry of Health, as the secretariat to take steps to revise this Action Plan, taking into account the current nutritional scenario.

Mid-Term Review Meeting of the National Nutrition Action Plan Malaysia (NPANM) 2006-2015 was held on July 25 to 27, 2010 and was attended by representatives from various ministries, universities, professional bodies and non-governmental organizations. Based on current achievements, activities NPANM 2006-2015 have been strengthened and updated. Indicators and targets have also been enhanced to give a more accurate picture of the nutritional status of the people of Malaysia. The revision is expected to continue to drive the direction of National Nutrition towards achieving the ultimate goal of the National Nutrition Policy of Malaysia.


General objectives
To achieve and maintain optimal nutritional well-being among Malaysians.

Special objectives

  • To improve the nutritional status of the population.
  • To prevent and control non-communicable diseases related to diet.


The strategy of the National Nutrition Policy provides the basis for formulating the objectives of NPANM (2006-2015). To ensure effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the action plan, the strategy is customized and divided into the basic strategy, enabler and facilitator.

Basic Strategy

It is the main strategy and is essential for the effective implementation of this plan through incorporation of objectives, nutritional issues and components into policies and development plans of the nation.

Enablers Strategy

Five basic strategies identified to have a direct impact on achieving the specific objectives of the plan, acting as enabler strategy, namely:

  • Improve guaranteed household food supply especially among low-income groups.
  • Encourage optimal nutritional practices in infants and small children.
  • Prevention and control of nutritional deficiencies
  • Encourage healthy eating and active lifestyle
  • Supports efforts to protect the consumer in terms of quality and food safety

Facilitatiors Strategy

Five more basic strategies identified to function as a mechanism provider, help realize the enablers strategy and shape facilitators strategy for the plan, namely:

  • Ensure that all individuals can get nutritional information.
  • Assessment and continuous monitoring of the nutritional situation
  • Encourage research and continuous development
  • Ensure nutrition and dietetics are practised by trained professionals
  • Improve institutional capacity in nutritional activities



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