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Healthy Community Kitchen Project (DSM) was created as an attempt to improve the implementation and effectiveness of nutrition promotional activities carried out by health personnel at health clinics. Implementation of this project is to expand the scope of nutrition promotion which includes the preparation of family meals and home economics inclusive of menu planning, recipe modification, hygiene and food safety and kitchen management. It is also an effort to expand the target group of nutrition promotional activities to housewives, family members, school children, adolescents, adults and society as a whole.


To improve the quality, cleanliness and safety of food and home cooked meals through interactive, participative, hands-on and holistic tutoring emphasizing on smart partnerships in the community, government agencies and the private sector.


Puan Farah Dahlia Ahmad Ghazali
03-8892 4490


  • Experimenting and testing healthy recipes
  • Cooking family meals’ session
  • Demonstration on Healthy Cooking Recipes
  • Demonstration on Food Processing
  • Demonstration on prevention of accidents in the kitchen
  • Demonstration on use of iodised salt, red palm oil, soya bean products under Smart Choice Promotion Programme
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Safe Food
  • Kitchen Management
  • Monitoring of body weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Monitoring of blood pressure
  • Glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides’ filtrations
  • Sale of recipe books
  • Partnership of wholesale purchase of kitchen utensils and food ingredients
  • Exercise session
  • Farming session
  • Welcome/Hello session
  • Course for Safe food during school holidays
  • Maintenance of resource centre
  • Cyber kitchen
  • Cooking competition
  • Grading and competition for kitchen cleanliness
  • Printing of the bulletin on Healthy Kitchen Malaysia
  • Open Day for Healthy Kitchen Malaysia